How to start blogging in 2019


How to start blogging in 2019

What is blogging? A common word we listen daily in our daily routine and many of us are very curious to know about it and some of wants to know about it how to start it and many more now i will tell you about this.
Blogging has become the popular way of spreading news information nowadays. It’s one of the best ways to express ideas and review and the biggest thing is that you can make money by doing it. Creating your own blog doesn’t need any special effort’s you just need a right topic and all the necessary information about it.
For blogging, you must need a topic, a right platform, web host, design of your blog, proper resources.

Blogging platform

For blog writing the first and the necessary thing is that you need a right and a big platform so that you get the proper and effective response. You must choose your platform according to your category.
Your platform must be of public interest and have all general ideas of customer need.
There are many super fast platform to spread blogs so we just need to choose them so that we can get the sufficient number of visitors.People can attract easily your content quality. There are many free of costs platforms available so we didn’t face any problem in finding.


Blogging is self-creating work so it is not necessary you have to choose a particular website or any other social media. You can create your own blog websites but you need to choose their domain, you won’t be able to get your own domain. There are many limits to free blogging. You must keep in mind that the contents you are uploading must be of proper quality and there is no dispute in that so that everyone would able to see it freely.
The domain is generally the url of your website for example facebook.Com
hosting is the company that put your website on the internet so that other users would be able to see it using the internet.
Generally, there is some charges of the domain and hosting so we need to know about it much more.

Designing blog

as we all read many blogs in our daily life so we need to make sure that our blogs must be attractive and contains effective information with proper multimedia items.
Your blog tells about your personality, about your way of dealing with things. Make sure that if you are writing a blog about sports it may contain proper pictures and many more things.
The design is a way of expressing art and creativity. Everyone likes different things and make things easy for visitors.

Resources for blog writing

There are many bloggers near around us so we need to make sure that our content must be unique and contains all the necessary information that must fulfill all the necessary requirements of visitors.
Use original contents so the user feels good while reading.
While writing the blog you just need to clear your intention to the reader. Content must teach the reader and also entertain and inspires them.
While writing blogs you must need to check the category while writing and a particular style while writing it.
You must also need to promote your blogs on social media. Using blog address.
Make sure to use the image in your posts.

To be a successful blogger you need

In your blogs you need to answer both yes and no of readers
you need to focus on money by providing successful contents by growing business and make it passion.
To grow up in the market as a successful blogger you must need to advertise various things going on trends in market and digitalization of products and offer various services and membership to the visitors.
Make sure that your topic must be in demand and in talks of everyone. You must be able to provide all solutions.
Every time you need to choose a proper domain name so that it looks attractive.