Websites the thing we access daily from our smartphones, laptops. WordPress is the common way of creating the website, blogs, and articles after creating we need to host them or we can say that publish them through a hosting company.

many peoples think a lot about while hosting a website or web page especially regarding money, security,speed, and performance of website on that server.

there are different types of hosting available for different type of website or web pages. So we have to think a lot about while hosting and keep various things in mind.

while choosing we have to keep our monthly budget, daily traffic, technical risk, security requirements, speed and performance of the site.

Shared Hosting

Nowadays shared hosting is in great demand because in this on one server there is more than one website. in this hosting disk size and space is shared among various website. this type of hosting is good for individual users but it is not good for administration purpose.
It also gives regular updates, security measures. It also allows user software installation.

it is not the good option for large sites like of company, government official sites etc.

the main benefit of this hosting is that it offers a very small amount of price as we know the amount is shared among various users which attract more number of customers.

It is very easy to use these hosting. It is limited to the specific number of users. It might be slow only in a few cases but it works well in the maximum number of cases.
shared hosting is generally used for renting purposes.

Dedicated hosting

In this type of hosting the server only belongs to one specific user who purchased it or taken on rent. It is generally taken by big site owners and the sites which face big traffic like Facebook, yahoo etc.
it doesn’t share any disk size and bandwidth with other users. It is generally more expensive as compared to shared and cloud hosting.
in this, you can be able to install your own application and program and can be able to modify them whenever you want.
in this speed of site depends upon the number of visitors and the contents that the site contains. It offers a great security regarding contents and materials.
It is hack proof because all rights are issued to particular authorities.

Cloud hosting

The term cloud hosting much differs from both dedicated hosting as well as shared hosting. The foremost and the big difference is it is based on the several numbers of servers that work together.
In this hosting when work is large or it receives a heavy traffic, it transfers data from one server to another server again and again. this type of hosting is generally used for big sites used for business purpose because it works when systems are off.
for example Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. In this website never get crashed.
this clouding is unstable and always unmatched.

Comparison among all three:-


shared hosting offers the cheapest price because this price is shared with many users sometime it might be monthly or yearly. It becomes cheaper as the time passes.
while cloud hosting price depends on the amount of work done by the server.
in dedicated host costs a high amount because server works only for one site.


dedicated hosting is very fast among all there because it gives quick response while in shared hosting it is a little bit slow and in cloud hosting it might work faster than shared but slower than dedicated hosting.
-security and support
shared hosting gives less number OS security and some time it might fail to open on all systems but to the failure of website increases.
dedicated hosting offers the maximum number of security and support on every system
cloud hosting offer security but some time hacker might attack this and it supports on every system because of server transfers.