What is Email Marketing 2019.


What is Email Marketing 2019

Email everyone is familiar with this word didn’t need to tell anything about this. So as we all know today market is not as simple market as earlier before it becomes advance so to be remain in the market we have to do lots of different things one of them is email marketing.

Email marketing is available since the internet has reached to the pockets of everyone. Some use emails only to the advertisement, some use emails only for sale in marketing fields.

Email marketing is the fastest and the easiest way to communicate with peoples on a large scale. by sending emails customers takes more interest and give a response to their advertisement.

In email marketing return of investment, changes got increased and become much effective. Email allows the marketer to reach out of the customer and transact automatically like traction on the shopping cart.
the big this thing which effects email marketing is spam emails which are available and delivered on a very large scale.


Email marketing cost is very much cheaper because you can do it yourself also or you can employ someone if you have to send it on large scale.

Success and Flexibility

Emails give a large success to the markets businessman but only when the ideal customer gets the mail and the big problem is that how to decide whether the customer get mail is ideal or not.
Mail also help in tracking of orders as well to deliver their bills exactly on time without any risk and delay of time.

Email marketing is very creative you have to design your emails in such a way that it looks unique attractive to customers. Our main target is to raise the interest of customers.

Timing is the main factor responsible in email marketing if our emails are not delivered on time then there is no benefit of sending them so we have to keep in mind about the delivery of mails should be on proper and exact time.
Email marketing includes images, audio and other essential multimedia items to attract customers.


Today emails offer lots of things like advertising about offers, tracking of packages. This type of thing makes everything reach up to the hand of every customer.


Email cost is near about negligible but sometimes it takes time to get delivered because sometimes it contains multimedia items which increase its delivery time. Due to which when we have to send it on large scale we need to hire employees. and sometimes we receive lots of traffic on the internet which may also cause the delay in emails delivering.
Relationship-Emails help to build strong and effective relationships with customers. The email also helps in getting a review about the products and due to that sometime it gives benefit in adjusting price and product services.

Email also help to advertise the logos and footprints of the company which helps in increasing the sale of products.
Campaign- Emails help to campaign about the product and share the links and help to expose the additional work.email marketing can be produced just within minutes and also helps to create offers.

Many people nowadays even won’t open your emails because of the huge traffic of fraud emails received by customers. Due to this near about 20-30 % customers remains uninformed about our things.
updates- we have to give regular updates about the brands, sale, offers, payments offers. Regular updating gives a good impression on customer mind market competition- as we all know that today every user receives more than 50 emails daily from various brands and companies. In order of depending on the email, you have to do more efforts like advertising your products on social media, Youtube etc.

Your email should be of the unique design and of small size so customer attracts easily because HTML emails days are over.
you have to use words like hurry and various personalization technique in it.