What is Web Designing?


Web Designing

Web designing words speak a lot about it. It means production and designing of the websites.
There is almost every place where websites are used so we need to make it attractive and understandable for everyone.
Web designing consists of web graphics, interface designing, coding, and SEO.

Web designing is done at both personal as well as a professional level to cover all aspects of designs.
As we all know websites are part of our daily life so it is not hard to imagine graphics, styles,music etc.

As we all know web starts in early 9o’s and www means world wide web.
website designing is mostly done by using HTML tags using standard tags.
HTML tags and markup tables and multi-column layouts make it more attractive.

For creating designs designers uses table structures and blank spaces. Nowadays web designing is not limited to HTML today it is also done with javascript and use of animated gif is also done.
There are various plugins are used for creating a website. Web designers use various tools for the production of the website.
Defining Includes Regular Updates

Various technologies are used to create like w3c standards like HTML and CSS with coding.
Simply we can say that web designing is assorting and linking of codes and graphics into a text editor like notepad.
The website never needs to be big in size its only needed to be more attractive and flashy. HTML is the primary language.Defining technologies are increasing and a various generation comes. Designing is done for both marketing as well as communication purpose.

Designers work for the website for business design.
User understanding must be kept in mind while creating the contents of the website. website designing involves information architecture, web structure, user interface, navigation, website layouts, and more designs.

There are lots of technical sides while creating a website. when designer having poor knowledge of technical details.
Color balancing and emphasis background texture. Advance interactive features must be needed for various plugins for advanced coding.
Plugins must be compatible with every system. cost of production must be kept in mind.


The website consists of pages and page quality must be kept in page layout. page width must be fixed for browsers nowadays. Center-aligned is used on large screens.
we all know in 2000 web use suddenly got rise we need a fast processing of all things so coding must be done keeping this thing in mind for page layouts and grid design.
Web designers didn’t need to bother about the size of the window and even designer has no control over it. As we know that browser automatically fixes width layouts and display contents.
sometimes browser blocks various websites having unwanted contents and flexible content.

Nowadays website designing also based on mobile size because every site can’t be opened on mobile.
A web designer needs to choose a limit for varieties like font style typefaces and range. later in some browser very font is supported.
nowadays motion graphics are available, especially for marketing purpose. motion graphics make the site more attractive which help in business and attract the audience. motion graphics is mostly used for the entertaining and decorating purpose.
Designers use specific codes otherwise it might fail or produce an unsupported error. Every time we didn’t need to identify error from web system also identifies it.
For the website, we need unique contents and simpler to host. The website needs always to be static content so it supports all images and styles.
Dynamic websites are typically coded websites in Perl,PHP or ASP format. editing of content is done itself in these sites and provide specific category. in this site, web content is less frequent.
While designing a site we have to keep homepage contents up to date regularly and provides best designs regarding the contents.
After creating a website SEO and hosting must be done carefully. Because more reliable the hosting more effectively it works.