Blogging Hosting


WordPress and bloggers both are very useful when we use to or want t start blog writing .we can’t say this is bad or worst both have different features but somewhat are correlated with each other.
The blogging platform is very useful when we want to share our views and thoughts. when you just want to share your views and choose a simple platform so that you would be able to modify it when you feel necessary but when the thing comes about the money you have to think like a businessman and have to focus on both content as well as money and time period.

In the blogging world, it is very necessary that have a great quality platform with the least number of limitations.
So now its time I would like to tell you which one is better?
blogger is a Google product it gives a lot of search engine optimization benefits. It is free most of the time to publish your stuff on the web. The only thing is that once you publish you won’t own it. Google runs all its services and has all the rights after publishing. Google can remove at any time whenever google needs it.


WordPress is a hosting provider that owns your own site. You are free to do any change and modification whenever you want. You can remove it anytime and you have all copyrights of your data. you can also be able to apply terms and conditions on your information sharing.



WordPress is self-hosted WordPress and give complete control on your blogs and you do whatever you want to do technically with them. you can make changes in them at both personal and professional level and design in whatever the way you want.
you can get complete control on SEO. you feel friendly with SEO features and moreover, you can modify and can introduce various techniques and plugins.
in WordPress, you are the boss you can do whatever you to do.
WordPress needs some efforts in term of videos in terms of adding plugins
if you are an occasional writer WordPress is best for you
It is coast free software and you need the only database and then you would be able to install it. you need an account to operate it. you can add multiple blogs with the same account. the update is not automatically it requires your permission.
you can create your own domain. you can use more than one page.


Blogger is a fine tune service with limited controls on your blog. you can limit extend and modify your content or blog once you publish. Blogger platform is very useful. SEO will decide how you configure your site and blogs and it has only limited features.
blogger platform is better when you are writing only just to make money and wants to create a long-term impact.
in blogger, you won’t be able to put your own style font and theme you have to work according to SEO instructions.
in this, you can add plugins and watch videos easily as compared to WordPress.
Blogger is also a free service but you can add only limited things like slideshows, add PHP, javascript. in this, you can add multiple things under the same account and new features updated automatically. you can add up to 10 pages only.
Yes, you can also link your own domain in this also.


BLOGGER have only limited features and you can use limited templates, and tools to modify things. You won’t be able to choose nonofficial things to make changes if you are using it should be of proper quality.
While in WordPress you can so whatever color theme quality payouts of your own desire


In WordPress, you would be able to modify and change the host and can be able to change the name of the domain whenever you want even you can move your site to system controls.
in bloggers you are not allowed with these features and bloggers have no security features while WordPress has.