What is the term Web Hosting?

The first and the basic thing is that firstly we have to know about web hosting and the more about it.
web hosting is a service which allows the user to post or publish a website or web page on the web so it can be able to seen worldwide through internet access. A web hosting company provide the technologies and services needed by a user for the website or web page to be viewed on severs .Web hosting provide disk space, security and many other features to a particular website.

There are many things coming to mind while reading free hosting and paid to host. Now I want to clear all your doubts about hosting free doesn’t mean that it is not safe to host your website with a free service provider. sometimes the only difference is that a free service provider won’t be able to provide sufficient storage space and some modifying features although it is same as like paid hosting it also provides same quality if security regarding the contents of the website.
Sometime free hosting won’t be able to provide sufficient speed if your website is of large size and viewed at large scale on one time .it may cause server breakdown in such cases.

Now we are coming to our main thing which one is better and why?


Free hosting – a thing with lots of features as well as some disadvantages.
free hosting is not bad we can say but the thing necessary is that it won’t be able to provide sufficient quality of material up to user satisfaction. It is very limited and available with limited resources.
Sometimes it has an unstable performance. Server breakdown may occur when it is used on large scale. free hosting won’t be able to provide a satisfactory quality of technical support. Sometime it may contain hidden as well as expensive fees and auto-renewal fees.

Paid hosting

As we all know free hosting is also available but we all know that it contains some benefits as well as some disadvantages. Paid hosting is not bad because it charges for its services. If it is charging it means it is providing something good and it guarantee some more features like faster page loading, technical support better than the free one.

It provides more disk space than free hosting with all security features.
in paid hosting, we can use unlimited space as well as bandwidth we can allow any number of the user to operate it using accounts. we can also put add on it and in paid web hosting we can get money security while doing transactions if it fails it provides money back features.

Paid hosting supports lots of features like search engine optimization for our website. If SEO is better our website has vied more and we would be able to get proper response and money.

Technical Support

Without any doubt, we all now that paid hosting contains all necessary features and provide better working experience. paid hosting provide free technical support 24*7 while free hosting didn’t provide such type of features.If once the server goes break you don’t know when it starts working and how much-hidden fee you to pay to fee hosting provider company.
after many research technically paid to host is much better than free hosting.

If you are a beginner and you don’t know anything about hosting then free hosting is a better option as compared to paid ones it would give you a better working experience as a starter.
For small blog writing free hosting is better you can use up to 150 web pages on free hosting and can get up to 200 daily views securely