What is search engine optimization (S.E.O)?


What is search engine optimization (S.E.O)?

S.E.O stands for Search engine optimization. It is the process of sorting webpages, website and web search in order of their popularity and sometimes some search engine shows according to the amount paid to the webmaster.

Mostly search engine show according to the popularity and the contents available inside the webpages or website or we can say it may show according to the number of visitors.

So for a blogger or website or webpage owner visitors are generally customers so we need to take care of them and provide them better service so that they might be able to visit it the number of times and may also refer to other users.

So for a better SEO result, we have to make sure that our webpage or website contains the maximum number of useful contents for the visitors and it must contain proper reading material, images, videos, audios, etc. For better SEO results we need to focus only on the number of visitors either number of visitors may be national or international we only need visitors for our better business life.

As we all know that for a single content there are lots of web pages on lots of websites so we must be ready for the competition in internet marketing and we have to come with a unique strategy with proper algorithms,HTML tags,actual keywords that visitors want,relevance to specific keywords and to remove all barriers to attract users maximum number of times and have to promote them.

Initially, we all know that for webmaster there are lots of options available for sorting results. It depends on them which method they would choose it varies from person to person. since from early ’90s website owners recognize that the value of high ranking really matter a lot in their field so every start focusing on it and creating an opportunity for both white hat and black hat.

In early ’90s webmaster used to sort according to algorithms and URLs and suffix of webpages but as the time increased and people start taking more interest webmaster also feels to change the theory and start sorting according to the number of visitors and multimedia contents.

Contents sorting

Due to huge competition webmaster start giving various instruction time to time one of the most important from them is content filtering.

For a single topic, we know that there are both positive and negative sites available so we have to keep in mind that we have to provide both sides to the user with such an effective way that it doesn’t contain any objectionable material for any type of users. when a search engine visit a site first and the most thing it checks is that the quality of content is up to mark for the users.time to time webmaster are warned by many search engine optimizers.

Methods to increase the prominence

There is a various number of methods available to increase the number of visitors. Some refer to the right way and some refer to the wrong way.
While writing contents we have to make sure that it includes frequently search words, topics so it will increase and attract visitors more frequently.
While adding frequent keywords including title, URLs, media descriptions will tends to increase the number of visitors. URLs always refer to page links and make sure that URLs speak a lot about your topic.

Marketing methods

As we all know that SEO has not any particular strategy for every website and web pages its s more effective because it is paid according to the number of clicks through per page so we need to keep this thing in mind while creating things. search engine marketing is not as much as easy as like other marketing we have to advertise our things and keep up to date with all the things going on in trends in society. The most important thing is always to keep in mind is ranking while doing any works.

A successful internet campaign said that site owners have to improve their conversion rate and have to focus only on useful contents in trend. SEO does not pay for organic search it pays only for the contents relevant to users with proper algorithms, impacting materials.

Visitors market

Optimization technics are highly dominant in search engines in the target market. The search engine market shares each and every type of contents which is in competition. in the market outside our country, we have to work according to them also and have to make our share more in the world market. if we have a great share in the world market means we achieved a lot in worldwide but if we don’t it means our contents are not of proper quality.

For successful search optimization, one has to keep in mind that all the contents must be translated easily in all language so people throughout the world reads the contents . for the better market technique we have to provide local URLs and IP address.