What is Shopify?


What is Shopify?
Shopify is an e-commerce platform which is used by businessmen to sell their products on internet.shopify has no classification of the category you can sell anything whatever you want.

It is a privately owned company which is located in Ontario. It is one of the popular online selling websites from the retail point of view. From some research, it was established in 2004 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. It becomes popular in 2015.
It serves its services throughout the world at a very big scale. Its website is “www.shopify.com”.

This website launches many application as well as some store also. It also launches the apple store in 2010.
it gives a big competition to other popular sites like Flipkart, Amazon, mantra, etc.

This company gives lots of cash prizes as well as rewards to attract customers and entrepreneurs. In 2012 it took its place in various fields like mobile software, studios, etc. In 2013 it offers the customers to buy products through debit cards without any payment gateway.
As the competition rises in the market other e-commerce sites start giving a tough competition to Shopify.

Shopify gives a big starting platform to various entrepreneurs at both national as well as multinational level through various e-commerce options.

Shopify Platform

It is a cloud-based site which works on cloud hosting so it can be run from any web browser connected through the internet.
Everyone knows that e-commerce platform helps owners for a quick start for business with least efforts.
It has various marketing tools to attract customers and vendors for an easy setup through the Shopify store.

It has many digital templates which help in building marketing strategies.
It works on various HTML, CSS and javascript codes.
It gives huge support to the customer and gives a 24/7 service.

Lacking Shopify
Although Shopify is a huge platform for e-commerce and gives a lot of best services it is not editable by developers.
It requires various plugins for the third person, so it cost somewhere higher.
Earlier through one account, you can’t operate multiple stores but nowadays this feature is also available.
shopify is a free app store under SEO controls.

Access and Fee

Shopify offers various plans to the subscriber based on their subscription. it offers $10 per month for small-scale vendors. As the level increases its price range also got increased.
it is one of the biggest e-commerce company. tho other plans based on the value of through cards it offers other plans based on the amount of transaction.

Products for Sale

Shopify is a big platform we can sell anything both physical as well as digital. As sites don’t offer any category so we can sell anything of any amount and quality.
But we can’t sell pharmaceuticals, intellectual property, alcohol, adult content, etc, however, we can ignore this issue.


It can’t be installed on computers while Flipkart, Amazon applications can be .it is only visited on the browser.

How it is better from Flipkart and Amazon?

Shopify is advertisement free.
It fully hosted and have unlimited bandwidth.
You can sell in multiple currencies.
bank-level security is free for vendors as well as the customer.
It offers trusted payment through top payments gateway.
This site has the power to grow, evolve and sell everywhere and flexible with exclusive app access.

This offers a dedicated account manager.
shopify offers 14 days free trial.

In Shopify, you can create the store in any language that you wish.
It accepts payment in different currencies while Amazon and Flipkart didn’t.

Shopify offers better pricing options than other e-commerce cities. It offers the best tools in terms of purchase and offers the overall best solutions. It sets all field rules.
Shopify works throughout the year with best offers while Amazon and Flipkart give an offer on seasons sale.
This site offers a convincing delivery to customers which gives more profit and subsidize more e-commerce business.